Bbyafricka Baton Rouge (2024)

Environmental racism. That’s what activists, scholars and UN human rights experts alike call the continuous industrialisation of the stretch of land between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, the city farthest upstream of the Mississippi River with a port capable of handling Panamax ships. The area hosts one quarter of the US petrochemical production, which is, according to environmentalists, causing an increased rate of cancer among the mostly African American populace. That’s why the region is referred to as “Cancer Alley” or “Death Alley.” On a more positive note, the region has brought out a plethora of exciting musicians—among them many rappers in recent years. A reference to one of the region’s underrated hotspots is to be found on California rapper Bbyafricka’s latest release The Rapture: The second track of the freestyle virtuoso’s album is called “Baton Rouge”, and musically it’s a perfect tribute to southern rap.